Saturday, May 20, 2006


~~~WELCOME to our Blog..~~~
Dona Hatherley creates roads to wellness in all areas of life by pointing out ways and means as well as the expectations you can have from God's viewpoint.

Today I am better than I have been in 28 years. That is how I am able to start this new way of life on line. "How can this be?" you say. I am so glad you asked.

Two years ago Feb.04,04 I was approached, no begged , to try some new products for health. NO, no, no I responded because I was so-o-o tired of promises that did not come true. BUT, I gave in and have not regretted it. I am really glad that these effective products were brought to my attention. Because of hypoglycemia- low blood sugar, and fibromyalgia- a painful autoimmune disease, I was barely coping with life and living. Each day I awoke from fretful sleep saddened to still be alive in such misery.

Three days after using the supplements and the cleaning products, I was out of my lengthy miserable existence. It turns out that the chemicals in my cleaning, laundry and dish detergent were in fact slowly killing me. And the supplements I had tried from various sources were ineffective to say the least. Now I can cope so much better as long as I use the above mentioned products.

Another great discovery is that my sin of unforgiveness led me into this pit and after repenting and publicly forgiving everyone that had ever tresspassed against me I am healing faster. yahoo !!!

As an added bonus I am able to learn again and discovered a love for the internet. Here I can offer folks an opportunity also to join with me getting this wonderful news out to the world. Hope deferred makes the heart sick and I knew that all too well.

Now I can say with confidence that ' there is a way to get well and I can get it to you'. Physical, emotional, financial healing is an amazing outcome that I relish for you and yours with love in Jesus .
So once again I say WELCOME to our blog where we can interact and discuss lovely and not so lovely things pertaining to the Lord God Almighty Jehovah.

From My journal of May 08,06 I requested of the Lord that He would grant me all the promises He breached with my grand parents and my husband's grandparents. According to His word in Num.14:34 and surrounding passages, the Lord destroyed most of His people because of their unbelief and their blatant disobedience. WOW, where does that leave us? Anyway He came good on His promised land with the grandchildren of the few who did obey and believe Him.

That leads me to believe that we too can expect to receive the promise of abundant life with all that entails that our grandparents and parents lost out on. Now you say 'have you lost your marbles ,you cannot accuse God in Heaven of a breach of promise'. No, not me. God himself said it in His own book of Numbers.

Ten times the Hebrew people disobeyed the Lord God almighty ! They Knew His awsome power! They had seen many miracles and heard His thunderous voice. What were they thinking??? Unfortunately their unbelief cost them everything. The same holds true for us with God's Son, Jesus the Christ.

Believe means adhere to, trust in completely, surrender in faith . My folks were poor as was my husbands' people. Neither father could believe that God wanted a 10% offering entrusted to Him that He could multiply back to them. Sad to say, the families suffered needlessly. Therefore the abundant life alluded us all. But now I see that we can receive that promised abundant life that Jesus talked about and poor does not have to be our lot in life. As an apostle of joy says 'I tried poor and I tried rich. I liked rich much better'. The moral of this story is that you too can believe God for the abundant life and the breached promised stuff. Hence we learn and receive at our blog.

Dona Hatherley creates roads to wellness in all areas of life by pointing out ways and means as well as the expectations you can have from God's viewpoint


At 5:41 PM , Blogger Donasarah said...

Six years later I can still say that the Melaleuca products have helped me to keep on going for Jesus. I use them and prayer for all my stresses and strains. What a Godsend for me.


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