Friday, January 19, 2007

Fibromyalgia Pain Management

Because of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and fibromyalgia (a painful autoimmune disease), I was barely coping with life and living. Each day I awoke from fretful sleep saddened to still be alive in such misery.

Finally after 28 years of using every resource available I was introduced to the cure. Forgiveness because I had been forgiven was and still is the main issue. The Lord Jesus tell us that if we forgive we will heal. It works pure and simple. Scientists have acknowledged this to be true as your body becomes acidic with negative moods while every positive feeling brings positive juices to your body that heal it.

After forgiveness you can help the healing along with good food, great supplements and great cleaning and personal care products. Three days after using the supplements and replacing our laundry and dishwasher soap with the cleaning products, I was out of my lengthy, miserable excuse of a life.

It turns out that the chemicals in my cleaning, laundry and dish detergent were in fact slowly killing me. The best ones to use to clean the air as they work have the healing tree oil in them called tea tree oil from Australia. There are different grades of the oil. Use only the purest, highest grade products.

The next thing to tackle is keeping the blood sugar level as it controls your energy . I use a product that accesses the fat cells to use the stored fat for energy. The plus here is that if you are overweight that is a wonderful help too. You also gain longer stretches of go power that enables you to exercise more. It is useful as well to keep the burning in your muscles to a minimum.

Glucosamine in a combination that has something to control queasiness is a must to replenish your joints. Keep it in your system on a regular basis as with anything you take doses of.

Start weight lifting for beginners as soon as you are in less pain as stronger muscles will help alleviate strain. Even if all you can do is sit start with some arm lifts with low weights such as a can of beans in each hand for 4 times here and there throughout the day. You will also be amazed with what a little jigging to music and a little bouncing will accomplish.

Dancercise is now my favorite time of the week with a qualified instructor. It is low impact exercise for balance-control, strength and energy. The group atmosphere is a wonderful healer as well.

Now if I overdo it and have unnecessary pain I take an occasional tylenol or entrophen for the muscles to relax and any inflammation to be settled. Pain management can be tricky but control is key with good food, great supplements, exercise, positive emotional times and learning to 'let it go' so there is no bad buildup in your soul and therefore your spirit and body.

Dona Hatherley creates roads to wellness in all areas of life by pointing out ways and means as well as the expectations you can have from God's viewpoint. If you wish to be a customer or enter into a business with me using the products I mentioned above please see
Please fill in your information there and I will call you a.s.a.p. to help you heal faster as your healing coach, Dona..

Later posting updating my healing May 2,2002

In the late fall of 2006 (last year) I attended the meetings of one evangelist named Billy Smith who taught faith in Jesus as our healer. Billy looked into my eyes and asked what was my illness. When I said it was a type of arthritis he asked me if I knew what the cause was. I answered 'unforgiveness, bitterness'. Yes, he said and you have tried to forgive alone. But this requires confession before witnesses and agreement in prayer. As he led me in a prayer that others there agreed with ,I was wondrously freed of any pain and disability.
Isn't Jesus wonderful? Yes it was embarrassing. Yes I felt shame. But it was sooooo worth it. Now apart from a whiplash recently experienced I really am in great health.


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