Friday, May 25, 2007

"I had a Dream"

May 25,'07 I awakened from a morning dream trying to figure
out how I could possibly get a mentally challenged young man
and a wheelchair occupant to go to the back of a line-up in
a financial institution.

Sounds cruel and uncalled for and prejudiced eh? The dream
seemed to be callous, hard hearted and totally lacking
In this night vision, we were in a bank I will not name but
was familiar to me. The atmosphere was still and without any
positive emotions.People were lined up to deal with their money.

In a particular rigid row I spotted my oldest grandaughter
Ashley, a 15 year old. Playfully I entered the spot in front
of her. I also ushered a wheelchair person in front of me and
a mentally challenged young man behind him as is my custom
with such folk.

I thought the bank was cold before I acted but I could feel
everyone's blood pressure rising so high that my aura melted
away. Not a word was spoken unless glares count. I spoke
quietly to the content man in front of me that we and our
wheelchair friend should abandon our stolen place and get to
the back of the line. He would not budge.
End of unreal story.

As usual my question went to the Lord of dreams and I asked
for the interpretation. It turns out that no matter what
your relationship, no matter what your position in life, no
matter what your disability, or ability , you never, never,
never get between a person and their money, family, friend
or foe.

World goods,finances and views can be tightly woven together
and cause us to be unkind, unthoughtful, uncaring and rude.
Jesus warns us of this in His Bible.
He says to take no thought for tomorrow, the Lord knows what
we need and give and it shall be given unto us. Love is the
ultimate goal for every christian and time allows lovers to
be at the back of the line, no problem.


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