Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am having too much Fun !!!

Having Any FUN Yet?

Recently in an email I was asked if I was having any fun yet?
The author suggested that all work is wrong and fun things to do for a small part of your day is necessary to get you accelerated . Breaking away from the usual to enjoy doing what you really want to is healthier, invigorating and a fountain of youth.

He also requested that his readers make a list of 21 fun things we could do or do do already. He wanted them posted on his blog to encourage folks to enter into a playful time.

I did the list and ended up with 44 things and could have gone on with more. I then realized that I was at the other end of the balance and should perhaps give up a few fun things in order to do well with my on line business.

Here is my list of enjoyments:

1. painting (art), guitar,piano
3.weight lifting, rebounding, treadmill
5.listening and seeing wildlife
8.grandchildren visits
16.fixing things
21.telling stories
22.small airplane rides cat( plays fetching marbles )
24.talking with my 91 year old mother time, money,things to others
26.leading someone to Jesus Christ
(my all time high)
27.hearing funny,real stories
28.holding hands with hubby
29.zoos study
31.soaking prayer
32.listening to Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit church family times
35.bubble bath
36.talking with my daughter and sons
37.watching horses
39. eating out
40.learning new things
42.restoring people

what can I possibly give up? I am truly living the abundant life here and now. The only thing that propels me on to marketing is wanting my husband home full time as he has worked steadily for 44 years now. He needs a semi-retirement job and if I do well he can have it.

So how about you? Do you have any enjoyment time? Do you have a list of things you can do in a break for an hour or two midday?

The idea is that if you have something to look forward to midday that it will spur you on to hurry and get through your deadlines. I will have to cut back on all my pleasures and include some good old honest work for goodness's sake.

Try what you need to do and the Lord will bless your leisure time as well. Send me your list if it differs from mine but please no offensive stuff as some have done to the aforementioned author.


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