Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Year Anniversary

One year ago in May I started a Blog with no knowledge of how it works here on Blogger.
I find it very refreshing to write about things and people that are so important to me.

The learning on the internet is really like a fountain of youth again because you can go in any direction with it and learn even more.

I started a home business, writing articles, communicating via email and studying a lot about health and wellness. Wow! You could spend your life doing all of this and become very addicted to all of it.

I pray for balance in my life but struggle with the temptations to use too much of my valuable time on-line. I guess we all wrestle with our slots of hours, minutes and yes even seconds. I read that every interruption makes it longer to get through your actions as restoring focus is slow.

Being a grandma, mom and wife is a full time experience especially in summer. I love it when I get to query my little ones and my 18 year old grandson alike. The answers are priceless and delightful. Their perspective on all things is wonderful.

Happy anniversary to me! Thanks to Blogger I am more fulfilled. Thanks to Jesus, I have something to say and thanks to Ezine Articles I have readers as well .It is all sooooo good.


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