Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Holy Spirit Given to Give Gifts

Sometimes things are not the way you were taught and you find it out as you travel through life with the Holy Spirit as your guide, teacher, and helper. Somehow I had the notion that He could be gotten by simply asking for Him from Jesus. When I read about His coming in the Book of Acts the second chapter it seemed that everyone present received His Presence. And so it was.

What I failed to understand was that when He fell on others later on it had something to do with Peter and John who are apostles of Christ. Philip did not have that power or gifting nor did Stephen although they were full of the Holy Spirit themselves. When I received Him it was after a lot of tarrying and pleading that was probably unnecessary. What I needed and finally got to was a man of God who was gifted in that way. Surrender to God's way of doing things seemed to be what worked.

Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus Christ who is given to gift the Church of Jesus Christ in whatever way He deems. Some people ask Holy Spirit for certain powers or gifts and others use the ones He has installed in them at His coming to them. He has the authority to give whatever He chooses whenever He chooses to whomever He chooses.

So if you desire Him to be present in you find a person gifted in giving Him by laying on of hands and prayer. The Father in Heaven gives His Spirit to those that truly love Him. Therefore you may or may not receive Him if the love of God is not in your heart. He will not be gotten for gain nor can you woo Him if you are not sincere.

We do indeed need Him to get through this earthly time His way. We need to be taught, guided and helped in every area of existence to accomplish what we were put on the earth to do. I have heard of the Holy Spirit falling on people who are very alone and very in need of His help or are so in love with God that they are pining away for His presence. He knows when He is so wanted as Jesus and Father God send Him then.

We should leave it up to Him as to what gifts we can handle as some of the gifts as so in demand that it is a bit overwhelming to the gifted one when others find out they have what they are looking for. All of the gifts have a godly purpose and are not for personal consumption or gain. Being famous for what ever gift or gifts He bestows on you can change your whole life whether you like it or not but withholding is not allowed either or at least I would not recommend it Jonah.

The Toronto Blessing outpouring of the Gift called Holy Spirit is an example of how great a hunger there is for God and His Gift. Without Him we are dry and thirsty. With him we overflow.To experience Holy Spirit in daily life is way far different from the usual. He will take you places doing things that only He could talk you into. He gives you such courage you will surprise yourself in situations that he makes for you.

What would you chose? Dull and boring humdrum or exciting and invigorating. He is life eternal so there is no boring places in Him. Life will not just pass you by as He enjoys and likes to share it all with us. It is the Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom and His kingdom is peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. He has not given us a Spirit of fear but of power,love and a sound mind. We need Father's Gift to be gifted and to give to others whatever He gifts us with.

Dona Hatherley creates roads to wellness in all areas of life by pointing out ways and means as well as the expectations you can have from God's viewpoint.

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