Friday, September 14, 2007

Vipers Become Lovers

John the Baptist, son of Zacharias, received his word from God in the wilderness not in a Bible school. His baptism was of repentance for remission of sins. John called the people a generation of vipers fleeing from the wrath of God to come. (Bad fruit trees are hewn down).

He told them to bring forth fruit worthy of repentance. Stop relying on who their father was. It has no bearing with God who can raise up children for Abraham from stones. John said to share all, stop cheating, be fair in judgment and non-violent. Be content with your wages. Luke 3:2-18 (King James Version) Read it here for yourself too. All this preaching and teaching was in fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah's words of the way of the Lord which is to share, be fair, stop cheating and be non-violent.His way is straight. No valleys, no hills or mountains ( no differences between rich and poor). No crooked way as cheaters have. The rough ways of the violent should become smooth with no catches. And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

It was from these prepared ones that Jesus got His first disciples. John further spoke of One coming whose shoes John was unworthy to unlatch, who would baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire to purge, gather and burn the chaff. The disciples had been vipers who turned out to be lovers of God and man after their conversion to the truth of John, Isaiah and Jesus.

Now in our time the same is true as Jesus is coming again. What fruit is in our world still? We see poor, rich, unfairness,violence and worse. We see the murder of the innocents.Love? We hear many sermons about wealth gathering. Some say it is not how much you get but how much you keep. Wrong! It is how much you give to the poor to raise them up that show sharing is still the way of God.

Jesus paid for our sins at Calvary and as we repent and turn away from all this wrongdoing to produce the good fruit worthy of repentance, we shall be saved. It is a daily, hourly repentance.

What the Lord Jesus finds us doing upon His return is what will count for our eternal destination. Are we doing all we can do for the preparation of His coming? Has His message changed? Share,care and love one another as ourselves. Love God enough to obey Him.

Neither John the baptist nor Jesus Christ got to stay on the earth very long. They delivered God's message to mankind and left others to carry it worldwide. When Jesus returns He should still hear us preaching and teaching God's way and He should find the fruit of love strong and healthy among us. We do not want to be labeled vipers (any of various venomous or supposedly venomous snakes,a malignant or spiteful person,a false or treacherous person.)We want to hear well done good and faithful servant. Keep on preaching and teaching, loving and sharing.


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