Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two unforgiving Men Part 2 (segment 3)

Last year, last month, last week,last night, yesterday does not compute. It is all one long unending night, one super long unending age, eras upon eras, eternity.

Progress is not present. Goals are never met let alone set. There is no change in government, no votes to be cast. Whatever was, was and has no comparison to now. Nothing new, nothing scheduled, not another appointed appointment.

It was appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgment according to the written word. That sermon was preached globally but who believed it? Maybe one sixth of the population received this truth in the twenty first century.

Hell must mean all negative things forever. It also has to mean separation from God eternally. Not that God has not been there. He was there to create it and He was there again two thousand years ago after the people of the earth crucified Him. It was a brief encounter with Satan when Jesus took the keys of Hades and Hell. Jesus is a lion not a pussycat!

No one gets in here without Jesus' keys. None get out without Jesus' keys. Satan is defeated and will have his time to be tortured for a thousand years, let lose for a time and then thrown into the Lake of fire with death and hell.

Hell was originally created for Satan and one third of the angels of Heaven that fell with him. But as people chose to follow the devil and not Jesus, hell had to be enlarged. Choose you this day whom you will serve. You cannot serve God and mamon. You will hate one and love the other, the Bible reads.

Choose life or death. One need not even describe Heaven in comparison to Hell. Anyone here would gladly trade places.To be a travel agent for Hell you would think that you would have to be a super colossal sales person. But no, you just have to hide the facts and depict it as a temporary joy ride in which you never get caught by the authorities.

Hell's description is avoided and made out to be a fairy tale, a distorted or at least exaggerated fable. Lawbreakers see it as a paradise for thwarting other criminals as if it were a free for all. Deception is a name for a place like this. Not April Fool's day but all fool's eternity.

What compares to the experiences known and unknown here? God only created this one hole with many legs never wanting to enlarge it. He gave His Son Jesus the Christ to prevent people from coming here. If only mankind could grasp that kind of love and forgiveness.

There is no looking forward to any good event in the place of the wicked dead. No colours exist that you can see. Rainbows are definitely a thing of the way, far past. A cool breeze would be greatly appreciated. The air flow is stagnant, sewerish and causes regurgitation as in morning sickness unlimited, unending.

Exercise is null and void as these men are afraid to move in case of stirring up something cruel next to them. Piercing, blood curdling screams come now and then unannounced , untimed. The actual cause is untold. One can only guess or imagine the reason. Questions, questions, unanswered mind boggling questions.

Fear has torment according to the word of God. Fear, terror, horrification, adrenalin rush after rush, then heart attacks. A band about the chest that tightens unmercifully until the ripping pain encompasses their back and front. Excruciating ebb and flow of pain.

King's blood was the price paid. Not just any king would do. It was the spotless, pure blood of the King of kings and Lord of lords. His blood was the ransom. With His broken body it sealed a New Covenant for the whole entire world if only they would believe.

No wonder His word says 'You are not your own, You are bought with a price, the blood of Jesus.' No higher price can be paid. No higher ransom is available. All that could be done was done at Calvary, Golgotha, the place of the skull.

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