Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One soul is Worth more than All the World

I have been contemplating a great concern of mine. I have a sorrowing spirit for the souls of mankind that do not know the truth and therefore are doing without being saved from what they do not know is coming. I wrote previously about a wicked dream or nightmare that I had about six years ago.If one soul is worth all the world and my sharing of that night vision saves anyone then that e-book is worth more than any amount of currency or all gold mines for that matter.The book is called 'Two unforgiving and Condemned Men.' To hold such a valuable piece of information is an astounding thing to me.Any trillionaire would give their every penny to get to Heaven instead of Hell. To be entrusted with the knowledge of what it is like in one leg of Hell is too much for me. So I wonder how could a person keep quiet and not try to inform others thereby saving them from eternal death. To self publish a book worth more than all currency available seems futile. Who could afford such a writing. To spend anytime improving the style it is written in cannot be done as the very reading of it causes paralysis of my digestive system. Woe is me as I ponder the way to get all I know out to where souls are perishing. The daymare of this dream stuck to me for many days and the awful terrifying feelings of it haunted me ever since. Pass it on I say to all who read has it available but too few get to read it. Because my blog here is not that well known or active the e-book sits here. God help me to help others if at all possible. I cannot sell it for a billion dollars even, as then it would go out of circulation. Only the devil would be pleased about that. One soul is worth more than all the world to Jesus. Your soul,my soul,all the souls that Jesus died to save are worth more than all the world because of His greatest sacrifice.

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