Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Week

A week full of mixed feelings in a family our size.

One of us remembers the first Christmas without family. One of us recalls the terrible Christmas when a close relative took deathly ill and a few days later died.

Christmas was always a joyous time for me until after the gifts were opened and compared with the neighbors gifts from santa. I got from that the feeling of being hated by santa or else I was not true to myself and I was really a bad child.

Not only did I not get what I asked for but my gifts were few and did not cost much. How was I to know that santa was a fable and my parents were poor.

Ten children in our family and you can imagine what my poor daddy felt when unable to get us anything we wanted.

Now older and wiser I enjoy this time as a worshiper of the One born who was Christ the Lord.

Yes we feast and gather and exchange gifts that hold no guilt or reward feelings,just sweetness of the thoughts from each giver.
Thank God that Jesus came for all of us and enjoy His birthday somehow in His presence with joy and gladness and hope for your future.

Merry Christmas to all the world.Believe in God, believe also in Jesus and receive eternal life where you can enjoy His birthday forevermore.


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