Saturday, September 08, 2007

Build your Queendom

As a woman I have always felt a lesser being. Men have dominated my life making me feel less able, weaker, slower, smaller, unworthy, undeserving. When the Lord showed me today that I could build a queendom as He granted 5 sisters an inheritance in Numbers 7: 1-7. God made a way for Esther to become queen and over 50 years ago God opened the way for Elizabeth to become the queen of U.K. and the commonwealth of which Canada is a part.

1chronicles 7:24 speaks about a female who built 2 towns, Upper and lower Beth-horon and Uzzen-Sheerah. Her name was Sheerah. I also looked through my Melaleuca leadership in action magazine and realized that it is mostly women who started the businesses. Mostly " " start churches and keep them going volunteering their time and talents.

I must believe that God did not short change me and that everything I need has been put into me for success in every area of my life. To believe in yourself as God does is not a bad thing. Build your queendom from within using what the good Lord has given you to use. It is all good stuff and your sins are forgiven.

The only holdup is your unbelief. Step up and enter in to your destiny. Do well and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Encourage other women to do the same. Start again if need be and expect only good things to come of it.

Jesus had women in His entourage that helped Him build His church. They went with Him to preach and teach the gospel, fully equipped with the same Holy Spirit as Jesus has.

Women are able to surge ahead if given the opportunity. We have business minds and ministry hearts. Opportunity knocks on womens' doors too. The days are gone when you need a cover like Remmington Steele to go forward and succeed. Men are seeing the light. Women can do it too. Queendoms are becoming normal.


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