Thursday, September 06, 2007

God asks Questions?

After telling Jeremiah, a prophet of Jehovah God in Israel, what He was planning and purposing to do to a certain nation the Lord asks some questions that only one who knows God could possibly answer. This is all recorded in the Bible in one of it's books named after it's author Jeremiah. Chapter 49:19(b)~

His first idea for a response was 'Who is like Me?' We who know Him have to shout triumphantly 'No one on the earth compares to You Lord God. Since He makes all the rules His next asking about the possibility of anybody worldwide having anything to say about His doings seems pointless. 'Who will appoint Me the time and prosecute Me for this proceeding?' There is no court or Judge in any time zone that could have any bearing on God's time or what people dare to accuse Him of.

The last want to know He has is simply to cause us to look around and realize the truth. 'What earthly national shepherd can stand before Me and defy Me?' Will any government or military leader,army, airforce, navy even consider going against Him or doing the opposite to what He tells them to do? Not if they really know Him. He is unbeatable, unstoppable and unapproachable when He takes any form of action. Wow!

In this same chapter in verse 13 God says that He has sworn by Himself. There is nothing more certain than God Himself. All the earth's people that are, will be or have been put together with every conceivable weapon cannot stop God's plans or purposes. We have no say in what God is about. No king, president or prime minister can change Father God's mind or heart when He decides on any issue. He carries out His plans using anyone including rulers, military, elements of the earth, even animals.

When He says: in verses 32 & 36 'I will scatter them to all 4 winds... I will bring their calamity from every side... verse 35 I will break the bow...( their main weapons) verse 37 I will cause dismay, terror of their enemies... I will bring evil... I will send the sword... verse 38 I will set My throne of judgement there... I will destroy from their kings and princes... and verse 39 in the latter days I will turn back the captivity and restore the fortunes of... then that is exactly what He will do in spite of all else.

He is the great God Jehovah of Israel. No one stands in His way. No one stands against His will. God asks questions just to answer them for us Himself and thus we get to know Who is in control at all times.

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