Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two unforgiving Men Part 2 (segment 2)

Some people have visited Hell with Jesus and were allowed to return to tell the world to repent and be baptized in Jesus. Still there are those that refuse to believe and receive Christ Jesus. Others believe and receive but give up because they are not willing to forgive their fellowman for atrocities done them. Jesus said that we must forgive to be forgiven. There is no unforgiveness allowed in Heaven among us.

God help us to forgive and let God take care of every little or huge matter.Vengeance is His and He will repay each and every evil. Nothing or no one can escape His judgments.

They had thought that dead was like totally extinct, not another thought, word ,nor deed ,nor feeling. Death was supposed to be the sleep beyond sleep into nothingness, no eternity, no awareness of anything or anyone anymore with no memories,no dreams, and no nightmares. How wrong they both are. How very,very wrong. Hell is the negative side and Heaven the positive.

Daily or is it nightly or is it both there are new arrivals in this evil pit. Always the same questions and tauntings. Always and never do exist here and changes are not to be expected or can be. What is forever?
No hopes,dreams expectations of good are present or ever will be. The fire is always hot, the strange creatures are always present in person, not imagined. These men are terrified to move or speak for fear of being attacked unmercilessly.

Broken, battered, bruised and bidding for a death that dies truly. Begging for mercy, pardon and grace. Oh how their hearts yearn for the earth, the fullness of the earth, the air, the trees, food and water. Why, oh why could they not forget the wonderful way it was?
Shock wave after shock wave hits them. Just when they settle it in their minds that they are here forever the shock of stinging pain would reset their thoughts in panic mode. Then an adrenalin rush with escape, get out slamming into their hearts.

Who is responsible for not letting them know of their fate? Shouldn't they have been terrified to come here so much so that the necessary steps would have been taken? Who sucked them into believing that there was no such place?
God was fair and tried to warn them didn't He? Jesus spoke of it and gave His life to open the way to Heaven. The choice was clear.

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