Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Gold, why Jewels?

In the outpourings of the Holy Spirit we have noted many miracles, signs and wonders.
Some healings and miracles we understand as they were terribly needed or death was imminent.But the gold fillings and the gold teeth and the gold dust on people and their clothing has been a questioned item.

Also there have been jewels and precious stones appear in folks hands and laps and on floors. What can all this mean? I have accepted it as a sovereign act of God lavishing love on His children until I read about the original temple that King Solomon built . In 2 Chronicles chapters 3 and 4 the description of what was added to the structure in the form of decorating at a cost of over 600 million (600,000,000) dollars is staggering. Everything was covered in the purest gold with precious stones on the walls too. Carvings on walls and doors and elaborate wreathing of gold and silver.

All of that has changed hands as the temple was destroyed. The later rebuilding of temples for the Lord God Almighty were not as wonderful and costly. As I pondered about the reasoning for our modern day happenings in God's people both Jew and Gentile, it came to me that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we can expect that He will do things to build us up in body , soul, and spirit. As a gift giver He will lavish on His temples whatever He pleases. The more we spend time in His presence, the more we can expect.

Soaking in His presence for hours at a time is becoming more natural to the church that follows Jesus closely. In soaking in the Glory of the Lord wonderful healings and freedom from addictions come. So it seems that the Lord is comfortable with gold as He paves His streets with it and at times covers us with it as well (gold dust that is). The precious stones are in His walls in the New Jerusalem of Heaven and Jesus has always shared with His own. Expecting signs and wonders because we belong to Him is becoming our way.

Because He possesses what is His and will decorate and care for anyone that truly wants to be so loved and accepted in the beloved, we will keep on spending time with Him. I have a son that has to have infusions periodically. He has to stay still for a few hours to receive the drugs that he needs to help alleviate some symptoms of anklosing spondilitis. As we stay in the presence of our Lord we will experience infusions of His Spirit too. Check your mouth from time to time to see fillings turn to gold or new fillings and gold teeth. I did and I was both pleased and satisfied.

As to the carvings I wonder if the tattoos are part of that as lots of Christians are getting art in the skin using their bodies like a canvas to express their beliefs. One such man is Todd Bentley whose team is heading up the Florida outpouring with the theme 'come and get some'. He sometimes wears a t-shirt that says Jesus loves me and my tattoos.

I hope this answers your questioning heart about gold, jewels and carvings etc. in the believers in Christ Jesus. I felt that some could be missing out on the unusual as they have their Christian beliefs in a box and uncertainty prevents them from indulging in the soaking places around the world. I urge you to try putting on some Christian music and lay comfortably before the Lord and say to Him 'Come Holy Spirit, and pour into me and decorate your temple however You please.' Stay a while and then a while longer in worship and praise and adoration. He will come and love on you His way.

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Healing Rooms

'Healing Rooms' are springing up all over the world as more believers in Christ Jesus reach out to a hurting, sick world. You will find them in the smallest and largest communities ready and willing to pray off the illnesses and diseases that plague us in every stage and every level of life.

Jesus came to give us abundant life and He has not changed His mind. As time goes on we can expect many people to be free of all their distressing ailments as they trust Jesus to do it for them. The Healing Rooms are designed to give us a place and a time via appointment to meet in prayer with Jesus and volunteer believers. Together we can agree for our healing, deliverance and salvation .

Thank God Jehovah and His Son, Jesus Christ who through the Holy Spirit bring us this joyful way of receiving our health and strength to enjoy the true abundant life and living. The same way we go for a doctor to help us we can turn to the Lord to tell Him of our problems in every area of our lives. He really is a great Savior and Lord of our bodies, souls and spirits.

The rooms are easily found and should be easily accessible for wheel chairs and crutches. The folks who do the praying with us are trained to agree in prayer, not to diagnose, treat or counsel us. We can rest assured that no harm is done and every individual is kindly accepted. If need be we can go back as often as we will until all the symptoms disappear.

No charge for any time spent there is applied. Jesus said " Freely you have received, freely give." These rooms may have a rental fee but they are gladly paid for by many offerings that other thankful friends give. Any fears or misgivings leave us as we enter the first waiting room and listen to some relaxing music. Sometimes you are healed in this room as Jesus can not be boxed in to any set way of doing His work.

There will always be more than one person with you in the next room to agree in prayer as well as other prayer people elsewhere believing God to do His healing. I myself have experienced the laying on of hands as they pray. I have received a wondrous healing from fear, anxiety, worry and stress concerning driving or riding in an automobile. The tension I had felt previous to this prayer time was painful. My head would pound with pain and my back would tighten up. Confusion at any movement outside of my car in traffic reigned. I needed help.

Many have experienced and enjoyed and even took the course to join in prayer to help others. Jesus always accepts us as His followers to go and give back what we can by reaching out to the needy and suffering. There are no denominational barriers or race, culture or age limits. There is no christian, jewish, buddhist,islamic,moslem or other requirements to receive prayer. Way to go Church!

Muskoka Healing Rooms is where I took some training so that I too could help others for Jesus. My time is well spent and I receive no monies or rewards except for the utter joy of serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ , Son of the true and living God. Hallelujah!

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Beginning Signs and Wonders

Mary must have seen Jesus doing private signs, wonders and miracles and so decided He must share His ability with others. Why wine? What is the significance of water into wine? Wine affects your spirit and can cause your heart to sing and be merry. It is also a cleanser, relaxer, restorer and all round comfort if not overdone. Mary instructed the servants to do whatever Jesus said.

Six waterpots were used. Six being the number of man. We were carried in water in our mothers wombs and now Jesus commands us to be born again or be carried in spirit or new wine of the Holy Spirit. John baptized in water but Jesus baptizes in the Holy Spirit and fills us just like a waterpot to the brim.

"Draw some out now and take it to the Master of the feast." Jesus says in John 2:8. When people draw on spirit filled followers of Jesus it is like a sweet wine with all the benefits of peace and joy that we experience when we are filled to the brim. Signs, wonders and miracles do happen as a result of expecting from a person fully yielded and filled to the brim. As a spirit filled individual with the new wine of the Holy Ghost we must always get a refill after moving in the workings of the Lord.

We manifest His glory when we allow the Master to brim us up and draw on us to help others. This is happening 'big time' in Lakeland , Florida in the new outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the Todd Bentley team. Todd tells folks to come and receive or get filled up to take back to their nation and let others draw on them for their infilling for healing, needs, miracles,and comfort. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter.

The healing rooms springing up all over the world are manifesting the glory of Jesus as they pray and lay hands on the sick and crippled and diseased. Every person carried by the Holy Spirit can offer their time and prayers and laying on of hands to the lost and dying world. Refilling is a must and Jesus will see to it as He requires us to be continually filled with purpose for others.

Let there be a beginning of signs in each filled person to affect the rest of God's creation. Doing whatever Jesus tells us to do with each case and trusting Him to fulfill His word to never leave us nor forsake us. Amen!

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Journaling with Jesus

Amazing grace flows from the heart of the Lord towards His children and as we wait for Him to speak, He will! We can write it down and read it later. It is so wondrous what He says to us as His love cannot help but reach out and enjoy His children.

Sometimes or most times we get the answer to our petition or a new idea or an interpretation to a dream we had. There is nothing quite so thrilling when you see it come to pass according to the words you wrote from Jesus. Such bliss knowing He cares enough to listen and respond.

Journaling opens up a whole new way of learning about ourselves from God's perspective. On our own level we miss a lot of things that stand out to others and Jesus. He wants to train us up in the way that we should go to accomplish our destinies. Authors understand the need to suddenly write whatever comes to their minds and Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. He writes on our hearts and reveals what He has put there to us as we write.

A lot of mysteries exist in this life and the Lord of Glory is the solver of all of them. There is nothing that He does not know and is willing and able to let us in on. The ideas we have about things depend on our past and our history. Especially in relationships we draw conclusions of our own about people based on where we have been with them in our daily walk of life. But Jesus understands changes in people that take place in the heart. He has a profound sense of what it is we should say and do in our relationships that can become strained if we react out of yesterdays involvement instead of where they are at now.

When we ask the Lord to give us the reason why a certain person is acting the way that they presently are and journal it with Jesus we are startled at the reply. I have had ugly occasions where I was confounded as to how to react. On one of those happenings Jesus told me that the person was feeling unappreciated and used. The solution was simple and it worked quite well. As I expressed gratitude to that one the atmosphere changed totally around.

I was really glad that I listened to God, the Lord and applied what seemed undeserving for that other person but was deeply needed. Jesus knows how it is all supposed to work and as we obey Him, because we love Him, the changes are miraculous. As a result of hearing and following through with God we find that He will share future events with us as well. This is an awesome time! His sharing is not that we should do something about the situation but that we should know that we are trusted and forewarned in some cases.

I hate to miss these journaling mornings as they enthuse and excite me to be in His presence knowingly. I write this piece of information to recommend to all that Jesus is waiting for you to take the time to call with expectancy. He does want you to know what is in your own heart from His heart.

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