Friday, July 18, 2008

Healing Rooms

'Healing Rooms' are springing up all over the world as more believers in Christ Jesus reach out to a hurting, sick world. You will find them in the smallest and largest communities ready and willing to pray off the illnesses and diseases that plague us in every stage and every level of life.

Jesus came to give us abundant life and He has not changed His mind. As time goes on we can expect many people to be free of all their distressing ailments as they trust Jesus to do it for them. The Healing Rooms are designed to give us a place and a time via appointment to meet in prayer with Jesus and volunteer believers. Together we can agree for our healing, deliverance and salvation .

Thank God Jehovah and His Son, Jesus Christ who through the Holy Spirit bring us this joyful way of receiving our health and strength to enjoy the true abundant life and living. The same way we go for a doctor to help us we can turn to the Lord to tell Him of our problems in every area of our lives. He really is a great Savior and Lord of our bodies, souls and spirits.

The rooms are easily found and should be easily accessible for wheel chairs and crutches. The folks who do the praying with us are trained to agree in prayer, not to diagnose, treat or counsel us. We can rest assured that no harm is done and every individual is kindly accepted. If need be we can go back as often as we will until all the symptoms disappear.

No charge for any time spent there is applied. Jesus said " Freely you have received, freely give." These rooms may have a rental fee but they are gladly paid for by many offerings that other thankful friends give. Any fears or misgivings leave us as we enter the first waiting room and listen to some relaxing music. Sometimes you are healed in this room as Jesus can not be boxed in to any set way of doing His work.

There will always be more than one person with you in the next room to agree in prayer as well as other prayer people elsewhere believing God to do His healing. I myself have experienced the laying on of hands as they pray. I have received a wondrous healing from fear, anxiety, worry and stress concerning driving or riding in an automobile. The tension I had felt previous to this prayer time was painful. My head would pound with pain and my back would tighten up. Confusion at any movement outside of my car in traffic reigned. I needed help.

Many have experienced and enjoyed and even took the course to join in prayer to help others. Jesus always accepts us as His followers to go and give back what we can by reaching out to the needy and suffering. There are no denominational barriers or race, culture or age limits. There is no christian, jewish, buddhist,islamic,moslem or other requirements to receive prayer. Way to go Church!

Muskoka Healing Rooms is where I took some training so that I too could help others for Jesus. My time is well spent and I receive no monies or rewards except for the utter joy of serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ , Son of the true and living God. Hallelujah!

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