Friday, July 18, 2008

Journaling with Jesus

Amazing grace flows from the heart of the Lord towards His children and as we wait for Him to speak, He will! We can write it down and read it later. It is so wondrous what He says to us as His love cannot help but reach out and enjoy His children.

Sometimes or most times we get the answer to our petition or a new idea or an interpretation to a dream we had. There is nothing quite so thrilling when you see it come to pass according to the words you wrote from Jesus. Such bliss knowing He cares enough to listen and respond.

Journaling opens up a whole new way of learning about ourselves from God's perspective. On our own level we miss a lot of things that stand out to others and Jesus. He wants to train us up in the way that we should go to accomplish our destinies. Authors understand the need to suddenly write whatever comes to their minds and Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. He writes on our hearts and reveals what He has put there to us as we write.

A lot of mysteries exist in this life and the Lord of Glory is the solver of all of them. There is nothing that He does not know and is willing and able to let us in on. The ideas we have about things depend on our past and our history. Especially in relationships we draw conclusions of our own about people based on where we have been with them in our daily walk of life. But Jesus understands changes in people that take place in the heart. He has a profound sense of what it is we should say and do in our relationships that can become strained if we react out of yesterdays involvement instead of where they are at now.

When we ask the Lord to give us the reason why a certain person is acting the way that they presently are and journal it with Jesus we are startled at the reply. I have had ugly occasions where I was confounded as to how to react. On one of those happenings Jesus told me that the person was feeling unappreciated and used. The solution was simple and it worked quite well. As I expressed gratitude to that one the atmosphere changed totally around.

I was really glad that I listened to God, the Lord and applied what seemed undeserving for that other person but was deeply needed. Jesus knows how it is all supposed to work and as we obey Him, because we love Him, the changes are miraculous. As a result of hearing and following through with God we find that He will share future events with us as well. This is an awesome time! His sharing is not that we should do something about the situation but that we should know that we are trusted and forewarned in some cases.

I hate to miss these journaling mornings as they enthuse and excite me to be in His presence knowingly. I write this piece of information to recommend to all that Jesus is waiting for you to take the time to call with expectancy. He does want you to know what is in your own heart from His heart.

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