Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel at War

Israel at War
How do you accept what has been happening at the Gaza strip? What do you believe about the fairness of it all? Where do you draw the line for or against Israel?

My understanding of what is going on in Israel and Gaza has been fed over a few months now as I accepted a newsletter about the country of the Jews. Hearing the news and getting the information from the Israel side are very different and had I not known their God personally, I would have made a great error in judgment.

To accept their way of exercising defence is at first light an upside down version of patience and slow to anger.
If any rockets started being fired where I live a quick end would be in store for the people who had the nerve to even think so terribly.

I would not want to be in their shoes ever as that would be a lifetime shame in their family.
Israel has given too much of her land away and her people have suffered far more than necessary.

We go to sleep each night saying "I'll see you in the morning". Can they truthfully say that or must it be faith that says "God willing, I will see you in the morning". Threats from close neighboring countries of nuclear war leave them on edge all the time.
I for one will support Israel's claim to defend herself and live on with no doubt that she deserves to have life and liberty.

I love God and Jesus His Son and so His people the Jews where ever they dwell. May the Lord have mercy upon the innocent ones who are caught in the middle of war.
i the newsletter I receive often and I am so glad to learn all that I can to help the Jewish nation of Israel.


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