Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Blood Trail of Jesus Christ

The world is trying so hard to keep God out of the government and
the religions of the world and every day life as well as nature. How
can it be when Jesus claimed it all the day that He gave His life for
When we follow the trail of blood that Jesus shed our understanding
of His redeeming plan opens up for the earth and the people. It started in the garden of Gethsemane as Luke the doctor that followed Jesus as his savior, states . Luke 22:44And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. Nature received the drops of redemption gladly .Jesus was arrested here in the garden and taken to the governing body of the religious order in Jerusalem the capitol city of the world to be.
He was beaten by those who should have embraced His presence and again His blood trail continued on to the government of the enemy Pilate who represented the world leader.The soldiers of Pilate continued the bloodshed in an unmerciful fashion by scourging. As a Galilean Jesus was sent to the visiting Herod from His region whose only interest in the miracle worker
was to get more miracles that would personally entertain the ruler.Jesus' blood continued to impact the rich and famous until He was condemned to death by His own people and religious leaders.
Through the streets of Jerusalem His blood dropped steadily redeeming as He weakly climbed the hill of Golgotha to Calvary.Crucifixion, a thorny crown,the scourging of 39 stripes with
the whips released His ownership of all things and all peoples. Paid in blood was God's plan and it worked.Wherever Jesus walked that day opened the way for salvation. It included nature, religion, prison, government, market place, the common man, the capital's streets and the highway to the world, the place of the skull (death), the grave and finally the mercy
seat of God in Heaven.
How dare we even try to eliminate the presence of the Son of the Great Jehovah God after His payment of the redemption of all things. We can all have the greatest hope of eternal life by accepting our redeemer as Lord and Savior.Even our finances were covered as the money His betrayer got was thrown on the temple floor and used to buy the Field of Blood to bury strangers in.Matthew 27:8.
If we need help in any of these areas we can count on Jesus to give us His personal attention and aid. His trail of shed blood was exactly what we need to know about and adopt into our own lives. Let Him in gladly as the owner of all.

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