Saturday, June 18, 2011

What do you do When?

We are told from our youngest days that Daddy will take care of our troubles. Daddy will fix it and Mommy will make it better with a hug and a kiss. Eat this and you will feel good again or watch this movie or read this book and your troubles will pass, we are advised as we age. In our oldest stages we hear things like it is okay, just another bump in the road.

There has to be something more original, more secure, more in keeping with who we are. There is surely a better way to handle our many trials, tribulations and unwarranted attacks on our persons. Life has to have a positive for every negative. Every natural has to have a supernatural too.

I have found that if I am overwhelmed by a sister's cancer, a mother's invalid state, a daughter's divorce, grandchildren's dilemmas, dying cousins my own age, dying friends of days gone by and daily news reports of wars and natural disasters that are happening all together in one time slot, I must have help. I must know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me.

It turns out there is a light to focus on and the name of the light is Jesus Christ. If I follow His leading I will come out of all of this in good condition. If I try to work it all out I will go insane and my body will get sick onto death. So I choose to follow and live myself.

Jesus has a Daddy, Father God who He is willing to share and He will ask Daddy God to not only fix things but kiss us all better.
If we love Him He will work all things for our good. I do love Him and expect Him to bring good out of all this calamity.

This is called faith and it is activated by calling on the Lord God Almighty of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, our modern day Israel. Why suffer alone and lose the battles of life when we can have Father God the great Jehovah lifting us up out of despair and holding us close to His heart?

Jesus walks on water with us and calms the storms.Jesus Christ is the way and we can stick to Him getting where we need to be at precisely the right time. In chaos Jesus tells us to focus on Him and see that our hope is in God alone.His other names are Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.
Jesus is all of these and more than enough for every human being on the earth and in Heaven.Call on Him, follow Him and rise above every circumstance imaginable.

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