Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is in a Name?

For instance in Muskoka here we use the name of Norman Bethune to attract visitors worldwide. His name as a surgeon who helped folks in wars gives Canada a nice taste in the mouth of global citizens who are christian and communist.
He did not live to a ripe old age but what he accomplished on earth was amazing. As a pastor's son he knew about Jesus who also lived a short life here but impacted the entire world.
What is in a name seems to carry a lot of clout here and about. Hopefully the positive outweighs the negative. I wonder about using my last married name or sticking to my maiden name if I am to be famous. Perhaps only my first and second names should be known then the buck will stop here with me instead of going on through the families.
We hope to have a great and wonderful effect on this old world that lasts for eternity. How this comes about only our Lord knows and daily brings it into being. A name of reknown takes a lifetime to build and may only become famous after our death. The nice thing about it is the ties that bind other folks together because of who we are or were.
I guess that the main thing is the main thing after all. Be who we are and be all we can be. Leave the rest to destiny and fate that is resting in the hands of the Lord Jesus.

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At 5:27 PM , Blogger Donasarah said...

Ronda May Cross my niece became famous after her death. Her legacy is an inspiration to all who loved her.


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