Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Healed in That Hour

Because you know authority via experience you can readily believe in someone else's authority. If you are used to being obeyed you can understand how orders from the lips of others can be carried out to the letter. There is not doubt in your mind that consequences await any disobedience in a well ordered organization like the military. We expect that for every reward of obedience there is also a unreward for disobedience. Apply this to Jesus the Christ. Know that He is in charge and that what He says goes or else there are unhappy consequences. Loving your country enough to join in the protection of it qualifies you to obey the commands of those in charge. Loving the Lord Jesus, God's son enough to join His kingdom and expect His orders to be followed makes sense. Jesus is Commander in Chief with Father God Jehovah fully obeyed. Recognizing the authority of the Kingdom in Christ the King of kings is the only belief you need to full accept His words to cause things to line up and become. 'Ask and you shall receive' He says.'Expect the answer within the hour' is His reply. What a mighty God we serve. Within the hour is a wonderful relief for our waiting hearts. His word is truth He says and our expectations soar as we become aware that His promises are Yea and Amen.Ask for wholeness, receive wholeness. Ask for a healing, receive that healing in an hour. Sixty minutes or less is not a long wait. How awesome is He, our Lord and our King! You wonder what am I to base this word on? I refer you to His word in Matthew's telling of the day the centurion believed Jesus and received a healing for his child.Luke and John also wrote of it.Matthew 8:5 to 8:13, Luke 7:1-10 and John 4:43-5:54 are the passages in the holy scriptures. To believe in Jesus' yeas and amens in your hour of need is all it takes to receive your needs met. Hallelujah! He fully responds to that faith.He is amazed when He sees the belief you have in Him and His authority. Go ahead and amaze your wonderful Lord and Master and King. Give Him thanks profusely and praise His wondrous Name.

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