Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two unforgiving Men Part 2 (segment1)

Understanding their plight is too clear and inescapable. All hope is lost. The future only promises more of the same unthinkable horrors.

Echoes of past sermons about loving God and loving your fellowman fill this abyss. Love your neighbor as yourself resounds clearly, It is too late for them. They will not ever know love for themselves or their neighbours or God. Hatred abounds!

To know truth and yet be unable to embrace it is a wickedness that grieves their souls. To finally see the light in such a seeless place adds more grief and sorrow.
To feel such rejection, utter and complete is unbearable. To know that death will not, cannot take you out again and it is not an escape or remedy after fearing death in your former life is such a wound to their souls.

Nothingness would seem a good thing except that it is followed by extreme, horrific actions in hell. Temptations do not exist in this location. There are no choices to be made, no decisions to even consider. It is all so final, so etched in stone, so undoable.
All thoughts are a dead end. Who could have imagined any of these nots. Life had been so free for them. Everyday had been so alive with choices. No going back No returning. No time travel, only certain judgment.

The one glimpse of Heaven will be at the judgment seat of Christ. Seeing Him in all of His glory and riches and honor will be the last look at real life. That time will cause even a deeper and darker emotion for eternity. To hear Jesus Christ say 'depart from Me, I never knew you' will scream in their spirits and remain with them eternally. To be thrust out of His sight by the angels that adore Him will cover these men with shame maximized by the truth that love, true love is refusing the entrance into Heaven, the place of bliss.

The lake of fire that burns forever now waits for them to be judged, sentenced and thrown in with death, hell and the grave. False prophets, teachers, evangelists, preachers and hypocrites will all have the same fate. No exemptions. No playing favorites by the Lord or angels. It is so over, so done, so finished, so unalterable.

No one ever gets comfortable. Pain increases steadily with no fainting, no comas, no opting out. The spider webs of confusion are gone. Clarity is too good and finds no way out, Words are useless and unfunctional. They have no more authority, no more say or vote in anything. They cannot prevent their family nor friends from coming to this hell hole. Every chance at making a difference in anyone's destination is gone for all eternity.

Starkness of mind is so not a good thing when you want to forget or lose coonsciousness or feel numb. How long is forever and eternity? How intense can it get ?

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