Saturday, October 27, 2007

Two Unforgiving Men

Segment One
In a dream Oct.23,2007 I witnessed two men meet on a street divider and two shots rang out as one. They are both dead leaving many unanswered questions.

You can write a story about it is the impression I get. I am so terrified my heart is racing and strongly horrified. The Holy Bible reads in Ecclesiastes 8:8 There is no man that has power over the spirit to retain the spirit, neither has he power in the day of death; and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.

These two men find themselves unable to kill one another truly. They had thought death was the end but found that they simply popped out of their old bodies and were still fully aware. Two worlds were now before their eyes, mine and their new one.

Scrambling for the guns that they had used to disengage their old life from the new one they discovered that their hands went through anything from their old existence. The people that gathered only gazed at their old dead bodies and were totally unaware of their souls' presence.
Suddenly a bunch of people showed up from the new existence and started prodding them and calling their names. They were mean men and women and were also unseen by the present world.

Unable to get away from the new ones they were pushed and pulled, pinched and kicked, hit and scratched into submission. They were taken out of the past living and out into the country down into a dark shaft in the ground.
Deeper and deeper they were dragged into darkness, dampness and heat. Death was no longer a concern but this new existence was inescapable. The place of the wicked dead, they were told was a culmination of every evil thing and deed.

They would have all of eternity to experience every horror and to know every form of torture. No food, no drink, no family, no clothing, no light with no escape.
Regret encompassed their thoughts. If only filled their minds. Unknown future clamped down on their hearts like a secure vice. The realization that they were in hell and it could only get worse ripped them apart and held them in a depressed state.
They could only wish now to be mentally gone, to not remember the good times on earth and the teachings of Heaven. But the truth haunted them constantly and all hope was gone of ever seeing anything good again.

The torture continues. Time is no more. There is no schedule, no end to pain and suffering and the next unknown happening. No seeing anymore, groping around in the darkness, always trying to find their way out but only encountering strange creatures and insects that bite and chew on them and scream loudly.
Other souls there were experiencing the same ordeal and taunting voices reminded them of their future full of starvation, thirst, horrific odors and sounds. "This is your eternity" is yelled out and "this was your choice".

Accusations were many like. "You chose to not forgive your fellowman so you cannot be forgiven. You chose to live by violence so you shall be violently treated. You chose to do your evil deeds in the dark so you shall have darkness forever. You chose to not share and help others so you will not be helped or have anything. You chose to hate so you will be never be loved again. You did not answer kindly when others cried so your cries will go unanswered too. You deceived others and you have been deceived. You reap what you sowed forever.


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