Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Publishing His News

I do not know much of anything about the publishing business or being published. The little I have experienced goes from one extreme to another. I can spend a small fortune or get it done free of charge. Free of charge gets you no publicity but word of mouth which is still a good thing. Some advertising is low key but is it reaching the audience you desire the most?
I wrote an e-book with great fervor of soul and published it on free I also wanted to publish it in hard cover for the computer illiterate crowd as it contained vital information for all. That is a very costly venture that I intend to do one day not for the gain or the fame but to include all peoples in the e-books warning of eternal dooms.
Woe is me if I stay quiet about the Lord's information concerning souls that do not heed His will,way and plan. I have been told that what the Lord orders the Lord pays for. Does that mean that I put it on my credit card and He will get the money to me before payment is due?Does faith require me to start production believing that it will be a best seller and the cost will be covered.


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