Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Ronda May Cross

Our Ronda May Cross. Tomorrow is Ronda's first birthday in Heaven. How does that make us feel as her earthly relatives? Do we really believe that she is totally happy in her eternal home without us? Is it possible to get through 'her day' unscathed by sorrow, grief, heart wrenches?......... When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ says that He goes to prepare a place for us, He meant it from the depths of His huge heart in which we live as christians. As we focus on our lovely Ronda and her sweet children that she miscarried we can visualize the party of parties. Nothing here can compare to what she will be enjoying there............ Oh for a glimpse of her ecstasy in Jesus' presence with Father God loving her every moment. We comfort ourselves knowing that she is safe and secure in the place of peace and joy and love. Tomorrow holds many wonders in and of itself that we expect to unfold to us hour by hour............ Yesterday was full of the good and the evil. We saw some of it and experienced some of it firsthand. It passed leaving behind traces and clues to its existence. Some of us made it through. Some of us went on into Eternity.That is how it is and we accept 'come what may'............ Now facing my senior years and my husband five years older, I find myself contemplating a new life in the city of Heaven called the New Jerusalem. Listing those who have gone on ahead of me makes me realize that I will not be alone or lonely. I am welcome at so many doors within the walls of that large place. There are a lot of things that are new and need to be experienced,enjoyed and enlighten new senses....... A visit would be a wondrous thing that I would gladly take if and when the good Lord called me to it.Ronda May Kryzanowski Cross is today enjoying more than we can fathom. She has everything that pleases her and more than she could even think or ask for. Jesus is that sweet, kind and thoughtful. I choose today to focus on her happiness, her joy and her eternal life..


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